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Academic Research and Writing Skills Workshops

The Centre for Development and Research in Evaluation invites master’s and doctorate studies students researchers and individuals interested in research skills to a series of workshops aimed at making the research journey dissertation/thesis writing lighter and enjoyable. We have lined up a team of facilitators who are holders of Doctorate degrees and Professorship and have extensive experience in graduate level teaching, academic research, writing and publishing. These include Prof. Charles Pfukwa, Dr. Pindai Sithole; Dr. Mufunani Khosa, Dr. Charles Makanyeza and Mr. Ganyani Khosa.  The team is ready to coach and mentor students at any level Research journey.  Each of our Workshops below costs $50 per participant to be deposited into the CeDRE Account provided in the Registration Form available for downloading from our website or it can be mailed to participants on request. 




Brief objective & explanation


To be advised

Introduction to graduate studies: Starting your journey

* What is “research?” What is a “research proposal?”

* What do universities require for you to do graduate research?

* Who funds what kind of research?

* Choosing a topic of research and a supervisor in your discipline.


To be advised

Honing your research topic: Moulding it into a proposal

* Searching for a topic, narrowing it down and finding a supervisor.

* The “concept note” or outline

* What are your interests and who shares them?


To be advised

Writing the proposal abstract

* Writing the concept note – outlining the proposal abstract

* Problem and significance: the research objectives and question(s)

* What is YOUR problem?


To be advised

Writing the proposal

* Why is your topic of importance?

* Annotated bibliography and literature review

*  Theoretical and conceptual framework

* What methodologies are relevant to your study?


To be advised

Research methodologies

* What is a “methodology?”

* Quantitative and qualitative – or both? Or something else?

* Which method(s) suit your philosophy, approach, topic & goals?


To be advised

Registration and administration issues

* Focusing on your area of interest

* Course requirements, documentation & finding a sponsor

* Reviews, progress and evaluations by committee and supervisor


To be advised

Stages of the thesis

* Exploring, engaging, consolidating, finishing: avoiding mistakes

* Formal procedures: developing the topic, reading, proposal

* Data collection and methods

* Your unique contribution & writing the rough draft

* Finishing touches and details


To be advised

Submission and examination

* Deadlines and checklists – coordinating with your advisor

* Graduation paperwork and submitting the dissertation

* Address all advisor comments, defend orally

* Submit for final exam (doctorate), pass exam (master’s)


To be advised

Writing publications

* Publisher and text requirements

* Analyzing and (re) writing

* Critiquing others’ writing: being the “gatekeeper”

* Presenting: abstracts conference requirements, Power Points

We also provide personalised coaching and individualised mentorship to interested students.


For all enquiries, please Call or Whatsapp Mary on 0775767333, Purity on 0772460375 or Ganyani Khosa on 0773 657 950. Our e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and our web address is