Research and Evaluation Services

The research component of this product is premised on the quest to add new knowledge in the existing body of knowledge of organizations’ focus areas.  While organizations develop and implement products/services, there is always need to know how these are impacting the recipients/users. This is where the evaluation services of CeDRE Africa are designed to assist organizations in determining value addition of their products and services.

a)    Baseline Surveys/Situational Analysis

CeDRE Africa experience has shown that projects/programs that are implemented with limited knowledge of needs tend to lack focus and produce minimal or no results; or the results produced do not address the real needs.  Therefore, baseline survey services bring out a clear understanding of the situation including problem areas that require attention.  In addition, the results of the baseline survey help the implementers to develop indicators, define outputs/results, mobilize required resources (human and non-human), and setup an effective monitoring and evaluation system.


b)    Capacity Development in Community-Based Initiatives

This service is designed to equip social development practitioners with knowledge and skills in designing/programming, implementing, monitoring and evaluating community-based initiatives.  Central to this service is to ensure that community-based initiatives are people-centered, tap into local knowledge, bring out positive impact to people’s lives and are sustainable.


c)     Monitoring and Evaluation

Knowing that things are or not taking place (monitoring) is not enough in any project/program but understanding the contribution of such interventions (evaluation) is the ultimate goal.  CeDRE Africa offers practical monitoring and evaluation services to organizations using participatory principles and practices.