Data Analysis, Training and Report Writing

More often than not, organizations or individuals put significant amount of resources into data collection but only to ‘scratch the surface’ when it comes to data analysis.  This situation has resulted in reports that lack depth and are often limited in scope; thus compromising information for decision-making. CeDRE Africa addresses this challenge by offering the following qualitative and quantitative data analysis training.


CeDRE Africa’s experience in this area has revealed that robust research work is that which combines quantitative and qualitative designs.  Our training, among other things, focuses on equipping individuals with knowledge and skills in developing data collection tools as well as designing analysis frameworks that meet their research or evaluation requirements. We use appropriate computer applications including Epi Info (quantitative data), SPSS (quantitative data) and NVivo (qualitative data).

We offer Training in Qualitative Data Analysis Using NVivo Software as advertised on the website.