CeDRE International Africa (Private) Limited

Welcomes You

The company was registered in 2009 (registration number: 1243/2009) with the primary focus being “to carry on the trade or business of monitoring and evaluation of developmental progress or improvements, project consultancy and research work particularly in non-governmental bodies, private and public bodies with particular focus on developing countries in the region or international, or any business usually carried on in connection therewith.”

The company has expanded into the Integrated Results Based Management (IRBM) niche market with clientele base ranging from Governments in Africa, Development Partners, NGOs as well as other sectors of the economy including banking, mining, manufacturing, communication, and social development.  Based on our experience working with CeDRE International on a number of projects internationally, CeDRE International Africa has gained massive expertise in Managing for Development Results and Monitoring & Evaluation within the broad framework of IRBM. We are driven by the passion to continuously add value to organizations and individuals through consultancy services. 

CeDRE International Africa (CeDRE Africa) is a wholly Zimbabwean private company registered on 24 July 2009; the Registration Number is 1243/2009.