Training and Introducing the Performance Results Management System (PReMaS)


IRBM is a management strategy focusing on performance and achievement of outputs, outcomes and impacts – the Results. It integrates Budgeting and M&E in planning for the attainment of results.  CeDRE International Africa is a wholly Zimbabwean development consultancy organization.  CeDRE International Africa ( provides Integrated Results-Based Management (IRBM) training to groups of between 12 and 20 participants.To date, we have provided IRBM consultancy services for the Government of Zimbabwe in the areas of evaluation of its IRBM implementation, documentation of IRBM implementation processes, training and facilitation in IRBM strategic planning for Ministries, Parastatals and other Government Agencies.  Apart from the Zimbabwe experience, our consultants are well versed with the IRBM system and all related aspects through working experience with CeDRE International, Malaysia ( associates on a number of IRBM projects in Africa and Asia since 2002.


IRBM Training is provided in all the five (5) components of IRBM which are:  (a) Integrated Development Planning,  (b) Results-Based Budgeting, (c) Personnel Performance, (d) Management Information System, and (e) Monitoring and Evaluation.   Training Fees are $1,000.00 per participant including a certificate of attendance, package of training resources and refreshments.


The IRBM implementation roadmap, for organizations that wish to adopt and implement IRBM as a tool to manage for development results, involves four complementary stages and accreditation which are:

1.1   Stage One:  Exposure IRBM workshop

1.2   Stage Two:  Situational Analysis for IRBM Adoption and Adaption

1.3   Stage Three:  In-depth IRBM Component Training

1.4   Stage Four:  Coaching/Mentoring Process

1.5   IRBM Accreditation

Fees to coach and facilitate the implementation of the full IRBM package will be determined depending on the size of the organization.


IRBM is now fully automated and e-enabled through the Performance Results Management System(PReMaS), a full suite of web enabled applications and tools to help organizations plan, budget, monitor, evaluate and report for results. PReMaS will be demonstrated as part of the IRBM Training.



Allan Tsapayi (+263-773 242203)                               -              Integrated Planning & Personnel Performance

Dr. Pindai Sithole, PhD. (+263-773 051212)           -              M&E and Results-Based Budgeting

Ganyani Khosa (+263-773 657950)                           -              E-government/MIS/ICT 


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